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When to Call in a Plumber


You may have a hard time determining whether you are facing a plumbing issue, or something less serious. It is important to know how to tell those two scenarios apart. Here are some pointers.


Plumbing problems present huge losses to most homeowners. The high number of insurance claims indicates how much of a problem this has become. Most people brush off those incidents until it is too late. You, therefore, should take action when you see these signs.


When you see visible water stains, you need to call the Shaw plumbers. In most old houses, such stains may be hard to tell. But in a new house, or one recently renovated, you can easily spot such anomalies. Brown water stains on the ceilings, for example, show you that there is a huge problem that needs attention as soon as possible.

Low water pressure is another clear indication of a plumbing problem. There are many causes of low water pressure. You need a professional to help you figure out what that problem is and how best to fix it.


If you have a constantly dripping faucet, you will have a hard time staying in the house with peace. Such a dripping faucet usually means there is a worn-out washer, a damaged or rusted valve, or the faucet was poorly installed. A spokane plumber should be able to fix that for you.


Unusual watercolor is another sign of trouble. Any time you turn on the faucet and brown or green water comes out, do not attempt to use that water. You could be dealing with corrosion on the pipes, or iron being deposited into the water from the heater or pipes themselves.


Water pooling on your floor should also have you worried. Some people may dismiss this, especially if they cannot see where the water is coming from. But the moment there is water around your washers, sink, or toilet, you need to call in a plumber. They understand how to trace the source of that water, and to seal off such a leak. You then need to mop up the water as you wait for them to arrive. Stagnant water will keep on destroying tour floors in the meantime. The water loss will also reflect on your utility bills. To get some facts about plumbing, visit http://www.ehow.com/about_6596368_job-description-plumber-apprentice.html.


No matter how trivial the issue may seem, calling in a professional plumbing service is the right move. You need such problems fixed as soon as possible. Water can damage your house and end up costing you more than the service fees you may be trying to avoid paying the plumbers.